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Personal-sized blender for making smoothies and banana pancakes - travel sized, so take with you and eat healthy, too - for less than 10 bucks!

My favorite cooking supplies that I use on a daily basis include all these items I purchased through Amazon at relatively low prices. I have had my Hamilton Beach Crock Pot for 5 years and have made hundreds of meals. I find you don't need anything fancy with a lot of switches on a slow cooker - Low, High, and Warm settings are all you truly need.

I also love my Presto Air Popper- and have been making my favorite nightly snack, air popcorn, for the last 3 years on this puppy.

I LOVE my Cuisinart cookware set - and bought it for a decent price, too.I beat these up every day, considering I rarely go out to eat, and make a lot of meals at home. I have had this set for a full year now, and love the resiliency of this brand.

Measuring and weighing your food can be tedious, but sometimes very necessary when cooking a new recipe or watching your portion sizes. I discovered this cool gadget on Pinterest and have been using it since Christmas. It weighs in ounces and grams, and measures both dry and liquid ingredients. This is also the cheapest buy I have seen for this product- the other brands are all at least $10 more.

This model from Hamilton Beach allows me to cook fish/chicken on the top, while at the same time veggies or rice on the bottom. If you don't already own a steamer, you have GOT to get one! They make healthy cooking so much easier. 

Coffee and Tea - Keurig 

I know not everyone is a coffee/caffeine junky, but being able to quickly make your own Green Tea is a must when trying to live a healthy lifestyle and clean eating. K-Cups now come in tons of tea flavors, and many of them you can make iced tea versions for hot days!

Healthy Foods:

Cooking healthy pancakes, chicken, and veggies on the stove top can be healthier when using the right oils. While I often use just low sodium chicken broth, sometimes you need a good oil spray. I like the Spectrum product line for Coconut Oil Spray. Amazon sells them in packs of 4-6 cans an order for far less than the grocery store prices. 

One of the most common questions I am asked is what protein powder do I prefer. I have been using MRM for almost 2 years now, and enjoy it for it's reasonable price, along with the fact that it has no additives or preservatives or sugar, but still has a satisfying taste and is low calorie. This is seriously your best deal for your dollar when it comes to pure protein. 

Seriously one of my absolute favorite foods- peanut butter! All natural, Teddie's peanut butter is the BEST - It has no added sugar or preservatives, and is a great source for healthy fats to add to protein shakes or paired with your favorite fruit. 

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar is fantastic - but the taste is something that is acquired. Mix 1 tablespoon with water for it's fat fighting, tummy taming, acne clearing qualities (yes, this thing is a bit of a miracle worker.) Read my article here on how ACV helped me out. 

(soy sauce alternative)

Bragg's also makes a low-sodium soy alternative that makes veggies, salads and stir fry meals healthier and taste great. I make variations on healthy Thai and Chinese food with this sauce by adding just a few ingredients

I am not kidding when I say I LOVE Muir Glen tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. You can buy in bulk from Amazon (see link below), and most grocery stores carry this brand as well. It has no added salt or sugar- just pure, all natural, organic ingredients and the taste can't be beat. I use it mostly for slow cooker recipeshealthy casseroles and chilis.

Bob's Red Mill is hands down the best when it comes to eating healthy- they have tons of healthy, all natural mixes of grains, barleys, lentil, quinoa, beans and soup mixes, and a huge inventory of flours, muesli, oats and cooking alternatives. I use Bob's Rolled Oats in my Protein Pancakes every morning, and sprinkle their Ground Flaxseed on top for healthy fats. I also frequently use their Almond Flour in my Protein Crepes.

Workout Gear:

 I'm pretty picky when it comes to my workout apparel. Below are my favorite work out capris (I'm kind of short, so capris are my best friend when working out), lifting gloves made by Femme Fitale - they come in leopard or zebra print, or bold colors like pink and purple, and Nike Flex cross training sneakers. 

Because calluses aren't fun, or pretty - but these gloves are !

Look stylish in tons of fun colors, while still protecting your lower half. Cross trainers are excellent for any movement in the weight room and plyometrics, as well. 

Pants that are flattering and keep you from overheating for a great price. Have been wearing these for over 3 years now, and still my favorite. 

When sweating it out in a Yoga or Pialtes session, or getting some necessary stretching in, it's important to have a mat that doesn't allow you to slide everywhere! Jade Yoga Mats are amazing at keeping you from slipping and causing unnecessary injury. Plus, they last forever. 

To track my progress, i have been using both on myself and clients for the last 4 years the Omron BIA Fat Loss Monitor, AccuMeasure body fat Caliper and measurement tape, and Sportline for Women Calorie Counting watch. What I love most about these products is not just the price- they have lasted for SO LONG and if I ever have an issue, customer service has been phenomenal. 

The best  way to stay on track is to measure your progress! These devices are not only inexpensive, but they come with a simple instruction manual to ensure you are taking accurate measurements. 

Keep your heart rate in check and time your workouts with this Sportline Women's Watch. I've been using mine for over 3 years now and have had great experiences with customer service.  The batteries they come with also last forever!


I only promote products on this site that I have used myself over an extended period of time (more than 6 months.) I place product ads within my recipes and workouts that I truly stand by and use, and feel they will help you out. If you enjoy this blog, and wish to help promote my site, please use my links at your own discretion. 

You are all wonderful, and I 
truly appreciate your support! 

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